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Black As DVD Seasons 1 and 2

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Season 1 and 2



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Season 2 – Black As DVD

The Story

Watch the second season of the hit Australian web series Black As, featuring Chico, Joseph, Dino and Jerome plus the directors cut – behind the scenes of Season 1.

In Season Two, old Uncle Bobby asks the boys to retrieve a tractor from a distant outstation but it’s missing a wheel. Getting the missing wheel to the outstation is hard enough, but getting the tractor going and back home is their biggest challenge yet.

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Black As DVD – Full Series

The Story
With their hunting tracks blocked by fallen trees after a devastating cyclone, the Black As boys borrow an uncle’s dinghy and promise to bring back a bounty of fish for their families. But the hunters are challenged at every turn by tides, engine breakdowns, thirst and ever-present crocs… and getting the dinghy and trailer back to it’s owner. With their bush skills, muscle and ingenuity put to the test, they finally make it back  home to a less than warm reception.

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Black Pack

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Black As Sticker 2 Pack

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Black As Cartoon T-Shirt

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