Off beat, off track and on-line … go bush with the Black As boys as they venture into the wilds of Arnhem Land, hunting for adventure and a good feed.

With their hunting tracks blocked by fallen trees after cyclone Lam, the Black As boys borrow an uncle’s dinghy to bring home a bounty of fish, croc and turtle. But the Arnhem Land hunters are challenged at every turn by tides, engine breakdowns, thirst and ever-present crocs – all the while worried about getting the dinghy and trailer back to it’s owner. With their bush skills, muscle and ingenuity put to the test, they finally make it back home to a less than warm reception. Its bush maniac action at its best over 25 x five-minute episodes for the web.








Chico Wanybarrnga
Born and raised in the bush
Works at the health centre helping people with hearing difficulties
Totem … Brown Snake
Law and culture man

Jerome Lilipyana
Champion dancer and acrobat
Totem … Olive Python
Community worker for the shire council
Loverboy, terrified of leeches and the dark

Dino Wanybarrnga
Strong man and tough as nails
Totem … Brown Snake
Works at the shire council as a trainee youth worker
Enjoys eating …. anything

Joe Smith
Adopted by local family and initiated into the tribe
Totem … White Cockatoo
Community worker and driver at the health centre
Loves hunting, cars, boats and all sports